In Keeping With Tradition Of Being The Best

Beyonce raised the pregnancy announcement bar, and I’m setting it higher now than ever before, with not only an arguably higher-concept photo shoot, but a non-pregnancy announcement one, to boot. (We can still be friends, there is room for us all here on top of the world.)

Subjects (and period cup users) REJOICE!

As long you’ve been waiting, here are my edited non-pregnancy announcements (hashtag, blessed) from a formal VOGUE photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz last evening, directed by Wes Anderson, co-starring Adrien Brody.

You may see some similarities from the shoots she’s done with Angelina Jolie. That’s to be expected. We have very similar aesthetic, and people often tell me I remind them of her.

These are preliminary before Wintour approves them for cover of the September issue this year, but I know she won’t mind me sharing these with you here first.

Single-handedly giving new meaning to the words “red cup”.

Oh, in the last two ^^, I was contemplating if THIS is ACTUALLY what JK Rowling meant by “Goblet of Fire”.  (You know how I won my Oscar is THAT.)

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