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Wow. Today was an incredibly busy day, and my favorite days are the ones like this where they go by in a flash. I am sitting here writing on my toilet and my phone is going off in the other room, but I currently am stuck.

Anyway, I’m skipping out on a meeting with some of my friends who hold this little group where people sit in a circle and share things going on in their lives; I always just go for shits and giggles because I’m addicted to public speaking and I like two of my friends. Although two months ago I’m fairly sure I got kicked out for being a little too happy… (You’re kind of supposed to be sad.)


So I didn’t go to that meeting tonight, although I really do find it very fun. I just sit there and listen to people’s problems and recognize they aren’t true, and if they shifted their thinking, it would work, and then I hold a vision for them of things turning out really good, and it’s actually quite a nice exercise for me in focus.

Anyway. So the thing I was going to share tonight, well I never really know, because I never really go with THAT in mind—oh I AM working on a book, by the way. I’m starting writing that, well, I may have already started it. I’m always writing something; it’s just a matter of whether I’ll incorporate that or not. But I wrote a children’s book the other day that I’m having my sister illustrate because she’s an amazing drawer.

Not like dresser drawer, but I’m sure she can draw those, too.

It’s not even that she has technical ability; but she has heart. I’m romancing her away from her six figure job to come freelance-billionaire with me because I want her to work with me on projects and make more than she’s making now, by actually having fun. I DO think she has fun at her job, but it’s also the kind of job where people have to medicate themselves just to stay on board, so I’m not REALLY sure how much fun there you can have.

Also my voice acting career is back in business. I kind of totally forgot that existed; today I signed in to my Audible account and had like 20 new messages—no, they were new to me, they weren’t ACTUALLY new at all, for people offering me really fun work, that I totally had not ever seen.

Alright time to get up off the toilet.

Oh the other really fun thing is that my friends made this INCREDIBLY AWESOME effing product that genuinely, I think I already told you about them and meeting them at the spring. Alright, well…

We started emailing again the other day and they told me their product is now available for sale. I am getting one and I am going to be writing to you guys about it. I am not being paid by them to do this! This is something I am really passionate on; and I have listened to their demo online and it has really been blowing me away. In fact, I went home that very day I met them, listened to the demo—I had NO expectations. I was only listening because I really liked THEM and because they gave me business cards with bags of tea, and I had gone out that day with the object of buying some tea to drink.

So I was really just kind of following through like, “Oh, yeah, sure I’ll try this thing.” I myself am not SUPER into products; but when I am, I really am. I have NO apps on my phone, and I’ve gotten rid of most of the ones that even come standard on the phone. Except for square footage in mansions, I am a minimalist through and through.

So this thing blew me away the first time I listened to it. It blew me away every single subsequent time, and I am really excited to share my experience of it with you guys. I’m not even telling you to buy it, though you should. What I’m telling you is, I believe this thing is the wave of the future and I believe it should be and will be used in schools, businesses, yoga studios, etc., and it will be as regular as air. I think this simple, simple (but actually very complex, but that doesn’t affect you) thing has the potential to change the energy within any room, any institution, any group of people, when used on an ongoing basis.

I truly think that if people began and ended their day with this thing, it would truly change their lives. Essentially, if you’ve ever heard anything about meditation and the benefits of that, that’s what this is, but the only thing I can say, AS a meditator, is that it seems to somehow do the work FOR you. It puts you into a trance. It feels so good. Every single time I have done it, that’s the thing I say, is that it feels so good. And I’ve learned enough from teachings and from my own life experience to know, that feeling good is all that ultimately matters, because… well, I won’t go into the philosophical or energy bent with you right now, but you know the value of something if it helps you to feel good.

That’s ultimately the only value that ever there actually, truly is.

This thing makes you feel good.

It’s three minutes and it really makes you feel good. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be doing it on repeat.

I think this thing is revolutionary and it will become as ubiquitous in schools as saying the pledge of allegiance which… I can’t believe they still say! That’s crazy to me. Anyway.

Like that. Only it actually DOES something worth doing, and that’s changing your frequency, your energy, your vibration, your tone, which then affects every single thing that comes around you. NO other time in my life have I been more aware for the incredible value of making feeling good, and the way you feel, your number one endeavor to achieve. Your mood literally DOES create your reality. I am honing that more and more and my life has been becoming ever more magical as I do.

Sending you SO much love on this magical evening. I will now retreat my throne.


This is the link to my friends’ page N.O.W. by Solu

The one thing I’ll say to you is this: buy it. You can always return it if you don’t like it (you’re going to like it… but it never hurts to have that safety net starting out). The thing that I think for a lot of people that makes it hard to wrap their minds around is how anything so airy-fairy can actually be of service. I am a very pragmatic person myself, and I always do everything I do for a very specific reason, so I don’t just sit there listening to ANYTHING for three minutes, unless I think I’m going to see some kind of measurable “RESULTS!!!!!!”. That’s just how I am; even when it seems like I’m not doing ANYTHING, I’m really fucking busy. Just don’t always ask me to explain.

There are two ways to explain this. One is a lot of energy jargon, which is, in my mind, absolutely worth checking out (I don’t fully understand it myself, or in some ways I do, but I’m not that good at disseminating it to others. I’m very bad with details.

I get things in a more vibrational way.)

OR you can understand it EXPERIENTIALLY. I am really excited for my set to come to share it with people in my life like my mom, and maybe even my dad, as well as my neighbors, friends, and my sister, among others, because of the way that you don’t have to be an experienced meditator to feel a difference with this thing. I sat this morning to meditate and… I fell asleep. My dog was so annoyed with me because he had to keep napping with me on repeat, and all he wanted to do was go out and play ball. I think he thought he got back to me by practically sitting on top my head, but then he was basically right on top of my nose, and I love inhaling his scent… (So, nice try, buster.)

This thing… There’s something about it that just puts you in the zone. It feels SO GOOD. Go on the site and try it. There’s a demo link there. I’m not someone to plug something just because a friend is doing it. This is something that I genuinely have felt MANY times over the course of many months, and it works. Works to do what? Works to make you feel good. That’s all I can say. But when you feel good, you start relating to life in a new way, you have access to better ideas, better relations with people, more creativity and the world opens up. In short, feeling good, is the key that opens your world.

It kind of almost feels like taking a drug. It makes you feel a little detached, spacey, lifted, levitating.

I can only write or paint or do anything creative when I am in that zone of feeling good. So as a “creative person” (I say that in quotes because EVERYONE is, whether they deem themselves to be it or not), I KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt, the VISCERAL and ACTUAL and MATERIAL value to meditation and feeling good. Some other people, who are more mental on things, maybe don’t. And I totally get that, too. Because I also have a good deal of mental-mindedness in me, that even to this day, sometimes says, “Aw, what the heck do I need meditation for, shucks?” But all I can tell you (and ME) is that every day I do it, I feel good, and things line up in magical ways. And every day I don’t do it, I don’t feel quite so inspired, things feel like work, and my dreams feel much further away. I’ll have more for you on this. I know you are really, really going to like it when you start using it.


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