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You Are Going To Have

a Wonderful Day

This Lady Inspires!!!!

I was just saying yesterday to a friend, how I have been inspired by these “regular” people who don’t really have anything above and beyond in their lives, and some of them even have things that on paper, you’d say, “I don’t want that”– AND YET– AND YET– THEY ARE HAPPY! They are joyful! They have discovered a sort of secret to life that I am discovering, too, which is being happy “unconditionally”. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s about loving and appreciating yourself and those around you, and loosening up on yourself about having things JUST SO, and then, ironically, when you relax and start enjoying the things around you, the things around you start to shift. It has to start with you first!!!!! And isn’t that amazing! We hold the power to change because all things in our life begin within ourselves!

This lady is quite an example of that. Something I have found is that there are truly happy people on there, living their lives and really enjoying what is before them. These people are not rich or famous, but they are happy and they are uplifting other people, and more importantly, themselves!!!! And isn’t that the key!!! They love themselves and those around them, and that has become to me, the most inspiring thing!! I have seen people appreciating things lately that in the past I would have said, “You’re crazy… are we looking at the same thing?” And then I started to realize… the prize is in the loving! The prize is in the feeling good! The prize is in the beholding and the appreciating and the love! That’s where the feeling-good is! The prize isn’t about trying to control what comes to you; it’s about controlling your emotions in a way that they perpetually feel good to you!! It’s about directing your mind toward what you want and believing it is coming and taking inspired action along the way.

It isn’t just this lady’s weight loss I find amazing, although I know that represents a shift in positive energy for her too, it’s also her relationship with her partner, the way she appreciates nature and Disney, the way she shifted her mind on vacation going into a swimsuit for the first time, and all other sorts of things that EVERYONE can relate to. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I love seeing happy people!!!

Sending you love on this beautiful day ๐Ÿ™‚ โค โค โค

The Number Of Times My Dog Gets Spotted In A Day

and given treats…

you don’t even want to know.

You Already Know

Hey. I wrote a book and I’m beginning writing another one. If you want a copy of this book sent to your email, email me at and I’ll hook you up. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that there’s a bit of like, what people get for free they don’t really value, but I mainly just did it for fun, and publishing has never really been my end-game; things tend to unfold naturally and organically and just the way that they should. I have money and I’ve been blessed with some incredible freedom in my life, so it’s never been about that or a business thing; when the world needs it, wants it, can’t live without it, etc., it will go into print.

So I’m continuing writing another book now, and while I’m beginning the process and the journey of that, I’m excited to offer you the adventure of reading this last book I wrote about two years ago– with the caveat that it IS old (like two years) and it is unedited; I’ve never gone back and read through it and I probably never will, and I probably never will with this new one or the next new one or the next new one, because I just don’t roll like that and I never have! Hahahaha. Even going to college for English. Editing and re-reading things once I’ve already written has always been like pulling teeth for me, and I’m proud of that because I like being someone who keeps moving forward.

That said, if you want a PDF copy of this old book, I’m more than happy to share with you ย and you can tell me what you think!!! It won’t change the fact that I KNOW I’m the best writer in the world, but hearing it from other people doesn’t hurt either! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I’m really excited is for the next one, so onward and upward with that.

Thank you all for subscribing; that is really really cool and always crazy to me when I see new people pop up. It’s really really fun. ALRIGHT on to some writing!!!


ALL THE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Em ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Travel Scarves Help You Fly

I’m Sorry, The Old Blue Can’t Come To The Phone Right Now



Because he’s ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!






It’s My Butthole I can Cry If I Want To




My Fairy Toad Mother



I Have Never

Seen a better movie in my life.





john_carter_of_mars009__120311093352maxresdefaultI can’t say it emphatically enough.

Best movie of all time. I want two and three and four.


One of my totally favorite parts of this –so far, and only 23 more minutes to go– amazing movie.

This movie is SO well-done and I enjoy it whole-heartedly. And I would love for a second and third one to be made.




Okay so I counted and I actually maybe did send exactly fifty messages since her last one… So maybe everybody else just didn’t hit send on THEIR fifty.


Cashews Amidst Some Boring Boats

You really gotta dig for the important things in life.

(I’m actually not really a nut person but I’ll be anything for a good pissing.)



I Don’t Even Wear Jewelry

But you know this shit is REALLLLL.


I love the way it looks like a spiderweb.

More details here ๐Ÿ™‚

Fall Castle GHOSTS

Had a really nice visit with the men who were doing the driveway and I think giving it a new roof. They were very sweet and kind and super cool and they really loved the house, too. They offered to give me a ride up the fork lift thing or whatever you call it, the thing that brings you up to the roof but I’m getting sweaty hands just writing about it. BUT THEY WERE SUPER NICE.


Only joking. I wasn’t scared, I just didn’t know what to do with Blue.


No really though.

Maybe he would have gone up, too.

Now that would have been a picture.

I think the ghosts and I will be really good friends.

I Love Movies

I love movies so much that when I was younger (and I don’t mean just a kid) and whenever I’d go see a movie in the theater, I INVARIABLY wanted to be JUST LIKE the protagonist female. Always. No matter what, I found something in it that I loved and wanted to be a part of. I went to school partly for film, because it was such a passion of mine, and on some level, still is.

I’m super focused and obsessed with being in my own head, my own imagination and dreams, and those are in part, amalgamations of movies I have seen, even trailers. I’m watching a movie right now (everyone who knows me knows that unless someone sits me down and makes me, my movie-viewing-spurts until I finish the actual film, can number in the nearly tens– such is my attention span for that).

I was watching the previews last night and this movie came on it. I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan– basically, anything he does, and Disney. Those are two of my all-all-all-time favorites combined. Plus, dogs. So like, this is really epic for me. This came out (and I saw it) before I got Blue. In seeing pieces of it now, I’m realizing how similar Blue is to Sparky, and how much our dreams really do come true. I wanted a relationship like Victor and Sparky, and that is what I got. I got a lovable, silly, barrel of a goofball dog who is my best, best friend for life.

Last night, in the short trailer/preview of this film, EVEN KNOWING HOW IT TURNS OUT– REALLY HAPPY ENDING– I had all I could do to get through the first part of it, when Sparky dies. I don’t think I’m spoiling it for you because it’s pretty freaking obvious that like, that’s the premise of the movie.



^^ I just noticed Blue has THREE of these blankets made for him. (Okay two, and one which I share, which really means I have given to him, too.)

I just want to say to you that movies are my heart, Disney is my heart, Tim Burton is my heart, but mostly, my dog is my heart.

I love my dog SO much and if you have a dream out there that you’re wanting to come true, know that it CAN and it WILL come true in full fruition because to me, my dog is ever-living proof that that can happen, and that it does. I dreamed of him literally my whole life, and having him is everything I ever hoped that it would be, and more. And I know for sure for sure every single day that he was LITERALLY made to be with me and live with me and have this life with me.

He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in the world and the love and life I experience with him is unlike anything I had ever known prior to him being in my life.

I was thinking of this the other day in the shower, and I think of it a lot, even if I have a family, I don’t think I will ever, ever, ever have the relationship with my kids that I have with my dog because every single other person in the world, necessarily exists for themselves. They have their own things to unfold. And that’s the way it should be.

My dog lives here almost exclusively for me, to be with me. He doesn’t really have an agenda of his own (besides treats). He isn’t here to get things done (besides eating treats) or to be a certain way (besides as close to fat as he can possibly be); he’s just here to enjoy life (and eat treats) and to love and to be with me as my best friend (who gives him… you get the idea). The bond I have with my dog is unbreakable and unlike anything I have ever, ever, ever, ever, ever discovered before. The responsibility, the honor, and the duty you feel to someone who has dedicated their entire existence to being with you, is a loyalty I have to him that I will never be able to fully express.

Saying I am obsessed with my dog is like saying heroin addicts are obsessed with H. It’s not that you’re obsessed with the IDEA of the thing; it’s that you’re fucking addicted to the thing that gives you that feeling. You’re addicted to feeling good, and some things tend to bring it out of you more than others.

It’s not that I am obsessed with him; I am FANATICALLY fucking appreciative about the way he makes me feel and the literal door to the realm he opened when he walked into my life. He changed my way of being, my way of viewing the world, and being in it, in a way that was like opening another door to a way of living I had always wanted yet never known.

Since him coming in, my life has single-handedly and dramatically changed for the better, and I got way more selfish and discovered way more of what was truly important to me. It wasn’t making other people happy, it was being myself, being true to myself. He’s brought a focus to my life that daily I hone in on more and more and more. When you discover the true meaning of happiness is love, then the rest can purely follow from that.

Here is the trailer for this film, from 2012, from a PHENOMENAL artist of all-time about a boy and his dog, Halloween-themed things, and SO many other things I truly deeply adore.



This dog deserves every single castle in the world. (That’s the excuse I always use for buying castles.)

He re-centered and re-calibrated my life and helped meย to believe in a higher power, a higher good, that things are meant to be working out for me, that dreams really do come true, and that life is meant to be magically good. OF COURSE I’M FUCKING ADDICTED TO HIM. AND OF COURSE, HE COMES BEFORE ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE.

FUCKING DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I’m a pragmatic person, and I know what works. And since having my dog, basically, my world has revolved around ME and MY OWN PREFERENCES a lot more, because he gave my preferences a body and a focus and a home, where I could externally look at him and say, “Yeah, I’ve got to do this thing for him.” But ULTIMATELY, always, it was me doing that thing for myself, and that’s the art that he has taught me. Is do everything for yourself, what YOU want to do, and the rest of your life falls effortlessly into place.

YOU ARE HERE IN THIS LIFE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. He literally taught me that, when I saw that caring for him and doing what I want to do, was simultaneous. And what is possibly more important in this life, than caring for another living being of a thing? You don’t need anyone to hire you, pay you, or ask you to do that; innately, you know it has value and worth, regardless of whether anyone else, for the rest of your life, ever acknowledges it or not.

Having Blue taught me the value of ignoring the values of the world and focusing on the ones naturally born within myself. And I guarantee you that’s how I become the richest woman in the history of the world.

But I digress.

Caring for him has NEVER been work. It has always been 10,000% of what I have chosen, and what I have wanted to do. What I have been honored and blessed to do.

I have always been very aware of that.

And as for you, thank you for being a part of this world, which gave me my dog. The fact that you exist in the world, means to me, you had some part in it, however many degrees of separation that may seem. Ultimately, it’s never very far or separate at all.

He has taught me more about life, who I am, what I want, where I am going, how lucky I am, how loved I am, how amazing I am, how amazing life is, how good life is all meant to be, and so much more that defies being put into words. I love this fucking dog SO much and I’m appreciating this world that allowed me to have this life that allowed and allows me to have him.

Every single day that I wake up, I acknowledge to myself how lucky I am that he is with me, he is alive, and that I get to live this life THE WAY I WANT TO, THE WAY I INTENDED, just being me, and living with him. I’m super FUCKING lucky and I made it that way. I planned it that way, I made it that way, and I appreciate knowing that, too.

Plan for what you want.

Expect for what you want.

Be clear within yourself on what you desire, and see nothing other than that.

What you want is way too fucking important, to fuck with anything else.


In Keeping With Tradition Of Being The Best

Beyonce raised the pregnancy announcement bar, and I’m setting it higher now than ever before, with not only an arguably higher-concept photo shoot, but a non-pregnancy announcement one, to boot. (We can still be friends, there is room for us all here on top of the world.)

Subjects (and period cup users) REJOICE!

As long you’ve been waiting, here are my edited non-pregnancy announcements (hashtag, blessed) from a formal VOGUE photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz last evening, directed by Wes Anderson, co-starring Adrien Brody.

You may see some similarities from the shoots she’s done with Angelina Jolie. That’s to be expected. We have very similar aesthetic, and people often tell me I remind them of her.

These are preliminary before Wintour approves them for cover of the September issue this year, but I know she won’t mind me sharing these with you here first.

Single-handedly giving new meaning to the words “red cup”.

Oh, in the last two ^^, I was contemplating if THIS is ACTUALLY what JK Rowling meant by “Goblet of Fire”. ย (You know how I won my Oscar is THAT.)

I Grab Whatever I Grab And It Works

The fact that it’s haunted makes me love it more.

Holy Jesus

They just clarified this.

Always Making Up My Own LipColors

This is a combo of Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm (Honeysuckle), Buxom gloss (White Russian) and Maybelline (Bronzed- 295)

When I smile, my lips disappear.


Look What I Found!!!

I mean WHO!

I was not dressed for the occasion!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Skeleton Jack IS KING of the Pumpkin Patch, you know!!!!!!!!

Merrily On Our Way To NoWHERE At All!

But My Dear Ratty!


(Click the link to watch this directly on YouTube) ๐Ÿ™‚

J. Thaddeus Toad


(Click the thing that says to watch it directly on YouTube ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

My all time favorite character in life.

Here’s Another Video of Toad

Some More Pics Of toad Hall


That desk thing comes out.

Did I Show You Angels This?

We Are Having so Much Fun Today

and we are working on a couple of new projects all together, all at once.

I love days like this when it is sunny and warm and we are running around town. Today we have Katie with us, as my parents are camping/staying in Lake George with some family. (My dad is camping, my mom is just posting up in a house somewhere for three days with my aunt.)


Okay so we are off and running around. Because I promised you this in advance, (silly me, making plans) this is a house Blue and I had SO MUCH FUN running around the inside of, and apparently it’s haunted. This house is SO gloriously beautiful on the inside, and the vibe is just PERFECT. It abuts a park and you can see the bridge over the pond from the windows. It is so lovely. I found it because one day I was watching Wind In The Willows (Disney version– the best) and I wanted to find a place like Toad Hall. (Toad Hall is my dream castle.)

Anyway, I realized there was a castle in Albany, which is only like, thirty minutes away from me. It became my little obsession and this realtor named Sam was beautiful and kind enough to show it to us, and seeing as Blue was so excited he jumped out the car window, Sam graciously allowed him to come on the tour with us.

It was amazing.

I love this place so much. ย A part of me feels very connected to it. I hope you really enjoy seeing the listing as well as the video.

I appreciate Sam very, very much for taking the time to show it to me and for letting Blue come along. It was literally, for us, one of the best days of our lives. Anything with beautiful old real estate, something that feels like a castle, and my dog, is heaven on earth for me.

This is the first “castle” I have ever truly, truly loved. It has a really, really, really wonderful spectacular vibe on the inside. We didn’t even bother looking at like SPECIFICALLY the whole thing; and Blue by the end was trying to show me up stair cases and things we hadn’t even seen. Lol. He really likes it there, too.

Supposedly rice crispy cereal was invented in the basement.

I truly, truly, truly love, adore this home. I have been in a lot of beautiful places, and I am a stalker on Zillow to the max; my passion for real estate is only rivaled by my obsessive, compulsive, addictive love for my dog (that’s not on me; it’s not my fault he’s literally the best thing in the world, I had nothing to do with that). But truly, there is something SO special about this place, and perhaps it’s because it’s made entirely of stone (external) but, there is an energy here that is like no other place I have ever witnessed.

I hope you enjoy it too.

โค โค โค

Just Another Glorious Day!!!



This One Never Gets Old!!!!!

“Well this one’s a HANDSOME statue!”

I’m Just About To Give My Nephew Brad here A bath

A sailboat, for the rubber duckie to play with!

Brad, do you like swans?

These Are Two of my ALL TIME FAVES

I LOVE BERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! โค And Ernie and Bert!!! And Count!!!!!

VMA 2017 Fashion

The one I love MOST is Teyana Taylor’s.




Teyana Taylor. (Perez noticed Janet wore something like this ORIGINALLY).


Nicki Minaj.


Hailee Steinfeld.

Hailey Baldwin. ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Lorde.

Lorde: I love the color and the texture and the lines.

Hailey, I just think she has a really good body and stance for the design.

Steinfeld, I love this dress and the design (GENERALLY, ignoring the details of fabric and the appliquรฉ looking shit on top), which is somewhat similar to something I sketched earlier this week, I would have liked a different line on the skirt. Something about the fabric and the details were ever so slightly off to me– like the more I look at it, the more it drives me mad– but ALL in all, a really great look on her. She’s very beautiful.

Something about those lines and the way that fabric works, I cannot explain it, every once in awhile, an outfit that I see KIND of makes me feel NUTS and this is it. Because I LOVE the idea, and something got lost in like the very last stages of execution, as far as the designer goes. I don’t like the appliquรฉ thing and ahhhh I LOVE the idea SO much if only it was like… IT WAS SO CLOSE TO PERFECTION. The saving grace for this dress is WHO is wearing it, HER complexion and colors, and shoes, and how she is holding herself. That is the saving grace because this dress is so close to perfect but also so far.

That’s me being really picky, as I am with fashion, ESPECIALLY anything that’s supposed to be high-end.

Teyana Taylor had my all-out favorite look of the night that I saw, along with flashback to the ever-classic Janet (whose technical outfit, I like SLIGHTLY more). Miley’s outfit just fit her TO A T and the colors are SHARP and perfect in her complexion. And Nicki just looked sick, in what ONLY she could pull off.

Alright I’m Getting Blown Up

My dance friend sent this to me and LITERALLY I did NOT get this song UNTIL I saw this.

These people’s dancing LITERALLY blows my mind. I was speechless for like half a second (no really, longer than that). A. MAY. ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay Now That It’s The Monday Tomorrow

Get ready for a haunted castle and some Sesame Street!!!!!!!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚



Addicteddddddd :)


A true master. โค Much love.

Izzo!!!!!!! JAY Z is LIFE

all. i know.

dream big.


It doesn’t get any better than Jay Z. Ever.

My sister was cracking up at me the other day because I told her that I basically only listen to musicians who have a high net worth.

It IS funny. But it’s fucking intelligent, too.

And I realized that without realizing it, I was being drawn only to people who represent having and living things I really admire and respect.

What kind of images are you piping into your head? I don’t do anything without it being deliberate.

I’m constantly aware of where my focus is, what I’m paying attention to, and what I’m allowing to be true into my experience. Now, it’s the only way I know how to live.

Rich Friends

This was on in my car when I got in.





:) :) :) :) :)

“So, what seems relevant here, is NEVER CARING AGAIN what anybody else thinks about what you’re doing. That’s the only freedom!

Because if you’re trying to jump through hoops to please them, then you’re not gonna feel light-hearted and you’re not going to feel free and you’re going to come to resent them so soon, you see.”

White Reaper- Judy French

Song for the weekend, to start the rest of your life.

Happily ever after ๐Ÿ™‚

Mom Why You Gotta Play Me Like That


What does she know.


Love Van McCan very much. Great human being and inspiring, young whipper snapper as he is.

He knows how it’s done.

He has my dead Grandma’s birthday. She was pretty fucking epically major, and it must run on the day. I aspire to be more like her every day. And my dead Grandpa too. They’re both inspirations to me.

I know they are kicking my ass every day into being who I really am. Because they are really that badass.

Anyway back to Van.

If you only take away one thing from this website ever,

wash out all your mind and take away this.

Nothing else ever possibly matters besides this.

Autism, Amazing

This is a word that comes to mind to me a lot in terms of myself and my evolution, as I feel like I’m moving MORE in the direction of becoming some of those qualities myself and it’s something I am taking great enjoyment and pride in.

Literally, the better I am being, the more I am being myself, the happier and higher and more tuned in I am, the more autistic I feel. This is a word that has come to my mind countless times for many months now, as something to strive for always within myself.

I don’t really give a cut about explaining it to anyone else, I’m lazy, but luckily Abraham did a really good job with it.

I am watching this video now.

I love this lady, and I feel autistic with my mom and people all the time. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ This was the word I was talking about the other day in my podcast that I didn’t bother touching because I felt it might be too contrasting and not worth explaining to anyone else. But I love this so much. So I searched Abraham and Autism and this is what I found– I have never seen this before and I love it.



I have ALWAYS said this about childhood development– things we call developmental delays are simply energy being focused somewhere else. If I have kids, I don’t care when or whether they walk, talk, or drive the car because I KNOW they have brilliancy in their own way, and it’s only when we cannot SEE that for ourselves, that we believe something has gone wrong. You don’t have to be genius in EVERY which way, or in whatever ways the world defines as good. You only have to be genius in the ways in which you set forth when you came, the ways in which you want and that matter to you. THAT LITERALLY IS IT.

Conforming to an arbitrary general population mundane regular normal checklist isn’t the point. BEING WHO YOU CAME TO BE IN THIS WORLD: IS.

If conforming to the world makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.