Here’s Another Video of Toad

Some More Pics Of toad Hall


That desk thing comes out.

We Are Having so Much Fun Today

and we are working on a couple of new projects all together, all at once.

I love days like this when it is sunny and warm and we are running around town. Today we have Katie with us, as my parents are camping/staying in Lake George with some family. (My dad is camping, my mom is just posting up in a house somewhere for three days with my aunt.)


Okay so we are off and running around. Because I promised you this in advance, (silly me, making plans) this is a house Blue and I had SO MUCH FUN running around the inside of, and apparently it’s haunted. This house is SO gloriously beautiful on the inside, and the vibe is just PERFECT. It abuts a park and you can see the bridge over the pond from the windows. It is so lovely. I found it because one day I was watching Wind In The Willows (Disney version– the best) and I wanted to find a place like Toad Hall. (Toad Hall is my dream castle.)

Anyway, I realized there was a castle in Albany, which is only like, thirty minutes away from me. It became my little obsession and this realtor named Sam was beautiful and kind enough to show it to us, and seeing as Blue was so excited he jumped out the car window, Sam graciously allowed him to come on the tour with us.

It was amazing.

I love this place so much.  A part of me feels very connected to it. I hope you really enjoy seeing the listing as well as the video.

I appreciate Sam very, very much for taking the time to show it to me and for letting Blue come along. It was literally, for us, one of the best days of our lives. Anything with beautiful old real estate, something that feels like a castle, and my dog, is heaven on earth for me.

This is the first “castle” I have ever truly, truly loved. It has a really, really, really wonderful spectacular vibe on the inside. We didn’t even bother looking at like SPECIFICALLY the whole thing; and Blue by the end was trying to show me up stair cases and things we hadn’t even seen. Lol. He really likes it there, too.

Supposedly rice crispy cereal was invented in the basement.

I truly, truly, truly love, adore this home. I have been in a lot of beautiful places, and I am a stalker on Zillow to the max; my passion for real estate is only rivaled by my obsessive, compulsive, addictive love for my dog (that’s not on me; it’s not my fault he’s literally the best thing in the world, I had nothing to do with that). But truly, there is something SO special about this place, and perhaps it’s because it’s made entirely of stone (external) but, there is an energy here that is like no other place I have ever witnessed.

I hope you enjoy it too.

❤ ❤ ❤