The Number Of Times My Dog Gets Spotted In A Day

and given treats…

you don’t even want to know.






I Love Movies

I love movies so much that when I was younger (and I don’t mean just a kid) and whenever I’d go see a movie in the theater, I INVARIABLY wanted to be JUST LIKE the protagonist female. Always. No matter what, I found something in it that I loved and wanted to be a part of. I went to school partly for film, because it was such a passion of mine, and on some level, still is.

I’m super focused and obsessed with being in my own head, my own imagination and dreams, and those are in part, amalgamations of movies I have seen, even trailers. I’m watching a movie right now (everyone who knows me knows that unless someone sits me down and makes me, my movie-viewing-spurts until I finish the actual film, can number in the nearly tens– such is my attention span for that).

I was watching the previews last night and this movie came on it. I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan– basically, anything he does, and Disney. Those are two of my all-all-all-time favorites combined. Plus, dogs. So like, this is really epic for me. This came out (and I saw it) before I got Blue. In seeing pieces of it now, I’m realizing how similar Blue is to Sparky, and how much our dreams really do come true. I wanted a relationship like Victor and Sparky, and that is what I got. I got a lovable, silly, barrel of a goofball dog who is my best, best friend for life.

Last night, in the short trailer/preview of this film, EVEN KNOWING HOW IT TURNS OUT– REALLY HAPPY ENDING– I had all I could do to get through the first part of it, when Sparky dies. I don’t think I’m spoiling it for you because it’s pretty freaking obvious that like, that’s the premise of the movie.



^^ I just noticed Blue has THREE of these blankets made for him. (Okay two, and one which I share, which really means I have given to him, too.)

I just want to say to you that movies are my heart, Disney is my heart, Tim Burton is my heart, but mostly, my dog is my heart.

I love my dog SO much and if you have a dream out there that you’re wanting to come true, know that it CAN and it WILL come true in full fruition because to me, my dog is ever-living proof that that can happen, and that it does. I dreamed of him literally my whole life, and having him is everything I ever hoped that it would be, and more. And I know for sure for sure every single day that he was LITERALLY made to be with me and live with me and have this life with me.

He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in the world and the love and life I experience with him is unlike anything I had ever known prior to him being in my life.

I was thinking of this the other day in the shower, and I think of it a lot, even if I have a family, I don’t think I will ever, ever, ever have the relationship with my kids that I have with my dog because every single other person in the world, necessarily exists for themselves. They have their own things to unfold. And that’s the way it should be.

My dog lives here almost exclusively for me, to be with me. He doesn’t really have an agenda of his own (besides treats). He isn’t here to get things done (besides eating treats) or to be a certain way (besides as close to fat as he can possibly be); he’s just here to enjoy life (and eat treats) and to love and to be with me as my best friend (who gives him… you get the idea). The bond I have with my dog is unbreakable and unlike anything I have ever, ever, ever, ever, ever discovered before. The responsibility, the honor, and the duty you feel to someone who has dedicated their entire existence to being with you, is a loyalty I have to him that I will never be able to fully express.

Saying I am obsessed with my dog is like saying heroin addicts are obsessed with H. It’s not that you’re obsessed with the IDEA of the thing; it’s that you’re fucking addicted to the thing that gives you that feeling. You’re addicted to feeling good, and some things tend to bring it out of you more than others.

It’s not that I am obsessed with him; I am FANATICALLY fucking appreciative about the way he makes me feel and the literal door to the realm he opened when he walked into my life. He changed my way of being, my way of viewing the world, and being in it, in a way that was like opening another door to a way of living I had always wanted yet never known.

Since him coming in, my life has single-handedly and dramatically changed for the better, and I got way more selfish and discovered way more of what was truly important to me. It wasn’t making other people happy, it was being myself, being true to myself. He’s brought a focus to my life that daily I hone in on more and more and more. When you discover the true meaning of happiness is love, then the rest can purely follow from that.

Here is the trailer for this film, from 2012, from a PHENOMENAL artist of all-time about a boy and his dog, Halloween-themed things, and SO many other things I truly deeply adore.



This dog deserves every single castle in the world. (That’s the excuse I always use for buying castles.)

He re-centered and re-calibrated my life and helped me to believe in a higher power, a higher good, that things are meant to be working out for me, that dreams really do come true, and that life is meant to be magically good. OF COURSE I’M FUCKING ADDICTED TO HIM. AND OF COURSE, HE COMES BEFORE ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE.

FUCKING DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I’m a pragmatic person, and I know what works. And since having my dog, basically, my world has revolved around ME and MY OWN PREFERENCES a lot more, because he gave my preferences a body and a focus and a home, where I could externally look at him and say, “Yeah, I’ve got to do this thing for him.” But ULTIMATELY, always, it was me doing that thing for myself, and that’s the art that he has taught me. Is do everything for yourself, what YOU want to do, and the rest of your life falls effortlessly into place.

YOU ARE HERE IN THIS LIFE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. He literally taught me that, when I saw that caring for him and doing what I want to do, was simultaneous. And what is possibly more important in this life, than caring for another living being of a thing? You don’t need anyone to hire you, pay you, or ask you to do that; innately, you know it has value and worth, regardless of whether anyone else, for the rest of your life, ever acknowledges it or not.

Having Blue taught me the value of ignoring the values of the world and focusing on the ones naturally born within myself. And I guarantee you that’s how I become the richest woman in the history of the world.

But I digress.

Caring for him has NEVER been work. It has always been 10,000% of what I have chosen, and what I have wanted to do. What I have been honored and blessed to do.

I have always been very aware of that.

And as for you, thank you for being a part of this world, which gave me my dog. The fact that you exist in the world, means to me, you had some part in it, however many degrees of separation that may seem. Ultimately, it’s never very far or separate at all.

He has taught me more about life, who I am, what I want, where I am going, how lucky I am, how loved I am, how amazing I am, how amazing life is, how good life is all meant to be, and so much more that defies being put into words. I love this fucking dog SO much and I’m appreciating this world that allowed me to have this life that allowed and allows me to have him.

Every single day that I wake up, I acknowledge to myself how lucky I am that he is with me, he is alive, and that I get to live this life THE WAY I WANT TO, THE WAY I INTENDED, just being me, and living with him. I’m super FUCKING lucky and I made it that way. I planned it that way, I made it that way, and I appreciate knowing that, too.

Plan for what you want.

Expect for what you want.

Be clear within yourself on what you desire, and see nothing other than that.

What you want is way too fucking important, to fuck with anything else.


I just realized in this photo, Like He is LITERALLY

up my ass

❤ my heart in my throat over how much I love him. It’s like an invisible string is always connecting us. I feel like our energies are so connected he is actually a part of me.

But then he like does some asshole move and I’m going to kill him and all the flowery shit goes out the window.



It’s how you know I’m a “real” mom.


his bone-suctioning-sounds lulled millions of people all over the globe last evening, to sleep. And back by popular demand, are a two-part series of videos from the much-anticipated series, “EATING KETTLE POPCORN IN BED”, starring my one and only dog, Blue.

It’s a trending world-wide phenomena, called, BL-ASMR.

In contrast to the high-quality audio-only entry of last night, today consists of two VISUAL MOVEMENTS INCLUDED WITH SOUNDS.

Please feast yourself visually AND aurally, on the masterpiece that is Blue.

The first one is a video I took of him eating popcorn, which is focused upon the drool spot I noticed had formed on his leg (from watching me eat popcorn, too).

In trying to make this the most ULTIMATELY relaxing experience, I also included a little musical piece from JAWS.

his all-time favorite food is corn. corn in any format.

he is an equal-opportunity en-corner.




She knows him too well.

He Likes His Conditioning Massages

With oatmeal (I’m inserting a rolling eye emoji here)

It’s the level of service he expects.

Blue and Cuzin Winnie Win Winston

slightly starring Sir Elton John

But just barely so.

Here Are Two Videos

That have never been released.

They follow the video I accidentally got of a toad being eaten by this snake to the soundtrack of BeyoncÉ.

Sitting Here Editing–

he LITERALLY just stole the pillow from under my head.

Genuinely do not even know how he did it. I just felt it moving from under my head, looked back, and then had to take this pic.


Big Fat Baby Boy


This Made Me Really Glad


day after the show—> week


my dad and his friends camped out in the yard and when i woke up i got this full randomly placed new coffee out of the deal (it didn’t have all those stains on it when i originally took it)

i had just been thinking, “I could go for a coffee” and bam. there were two!!!

they must have gotten up at like 5 am to leave but my dad came back over later in the day to clean up more stuff. we had fun.



all kinds of artistic


So In Love With This Dog

i walked outside and he’s just laying there like this

for no reason

he has a bed with three blankets on the porch and three options for chairs with cushions on them at the neighbors, but apparently the driveway looked good

sometimes he just wants to be like a regular dog, ya’ll

sometimes he just wants to be like a regular dog


I’m Playing Ball With Him

and all of a sudden i look up and he’s over here

i freaking love freaking adore freaking love freaking adore freaking love freaking adore

this dog


He Has To Stand Right There



love this dog so much

I High Speed Followed This Dog

and while i was buying shower curtains (and the world’s sickest ever bath mat– pictures to go) I met the CRAZIEST lady I have ever met in my life. She was a freaking nut job in the best absolute way. That was really cool. she just started talking to me about the randomest but kind of relevant and craziest ass shit ever for no reason at all.

dude i find the sickest shit. i got these most amazing shower curtains i have ever seen– one of them in the color i was envisioning. plus this bat mat which is off the hook, from portugal

that’s what i always look for in a bath mat– from portugal.

here’s the website for the bath mat https://www.piscatextil.combbbc35_42a9455f187f45a6bba0c4da355ef72c~mv2_d_3000_2000_s_2


i have greatest taste

these photos are only confirming it but then i already knew it so what/ev.

this dog was so freaking adorably cute

what else

oh yeah going to hang my shower curtains now

Our Friends Just Gifted Us This Bag

we have the most beautiful friends in the world


I Smell Like Sun And Sweat

and not in a good way but i don’t want to dirty an actual sweater or another shirt but it’s getting kind of colder out so i’m putting this jacket on and hoping it doesn’t touch my armpits.


also we live across the street from a rainforest

i am conceited about my dog

he’s always right by me. he’s the best dog in the world.

he’s like attached to me by an invisible cord made out of unicorn dust and kurt cobain’s chest fur

i’m actually not kidding; i never said that before but i think i nailed it


and he’s so fucking disgustingly adorably cute i want to mainline him intravenous.

i just want to smother myself all over him



here he is looking at me like you’re a real dick


the trees are cool too

Lucky Guy

three of his friends came by with presents

so sweet. he has the best friends.

thank you guys ❤ ❤ ❤ so sweet luckiest dog in the world, amazing friends

My Beautiful Baby, Who’s 4


He’s meditating on his birthday


the most perfect boy in the world. his birthday is the greatest day for me. one of the best days of my life. so happy this day four years ago occurred. best day ever. best day of my life. best dog in the world, best dog ever in the history of being, best dog ever in history of existence, best dog ever in the world, best, best, best, best, best, best, best. best dog at being four. best four year old ever. best four years of my life. best 73 years yet to go.

My Favorite Two People In The World



Stephen King Files

Blue had to sit on my lap because Molly the black cat was scaring him through the window.

Little Baby Hunny

The only thing that really stands out to me is how much cleaner was the floor.




So Hot Out Today

You’ll never see me complain.

It’s 90 with 41 percent humidity and I’m drinking a hot coffee. This is nothing. Call me when it’s 105. Then we’ll chat.

Painted this today for my favorite client yet.

(Blue’s toy basket).

Painting something for him really pulled my heart in two. Even if he couldn’t give a rip. I love this dog so much. When he actually went into the basket after it was painted and dry and was looking for a toy, I thought I was going to burst. And he’s probably like, “Why the fuck does this thing smell like toxic and what’d you do with all my shit cause it isn’t in the same order as when I left it before.”

I LOVE the smell of spray paint, too. I always try to inhale it whenever I can. Blue’s feet, his fur, spray paint, some of my top favorite smells. Gasoline. Coffee before it is brewed. Chanel. My sweat from being in the sun, obviously the obligatory fresh cut grass, clothes dried on the line…

These Just Naturally Come Up

And if you eat pizza in my neighborhood, these bears will go into your living room, naturally, too.


I Just Updated My Photos

And so I was back at the beginning. I actually deleted all of my old photos prior to me getting Blue because nothing before that in my life actually matters in terms of needing pictures of it.

Anyway. I found this picture, which is the second one I have ever taken of him, and I just noticed this…

HE STILL TO THIS DAY DOES THIS. I just took a picture of him doing this the other day. Whenever we are in the kitchen and he’s laying on the floor, chances are his foot is somehow touching mine.

I never noticed that this was a thing of his, I mean, I knew it was a thing but I honestly did not know it was something he did literally the first moment I got him.

And Now He Freaking Knows It

Because as I’m writing the addendum on the last post, I look over and see he’s gotten on the couch in my plain line of view.



My Precious Baby Animal

laying in a fern.


Has Anyone Else Ever

Rinsed the chocolate off of donuts to give to their dog?

Or is it just me.

When you are breastfeeding your dog, you are not supposed to eat any chocolate. Just FYI. Just for all those new mothers out there.

Hopefully that doesn’t put a crimp in your style.

Here Is My Beautiful Dog

Here is the sunset tonight.



me and noon

and how my neighbor knew I was going out (the strap)




Some Pics Of Blue Being The Best Dog Ever




End Of The Day

Driving around and sunset ❤ ❤ ❤

My friend is having her bridal party tomorrow so I went and got balloons tonight. There’s something I have come to love so much about balloons lately, and I think it’s because they fly and I find them really cool.

Katie’s fur looked awesome blowing in the breeze.

Tonight had a kind of magical feeling; today was really weird, in a really good way, and I don’t know how to put my finger on it but I feel like great things are ahead.

I hope you have a wonderful night and wonderful day tomorrow. But I’m sure we’ll talk more then. 🙂






Love This Boy

Love this boy so much.

You Have No Idea

How busy I am.

Okay I was driving to the store and this lady with a license plate something like TammiLynn or something equally country, is driving around in this Jeep, which I love, wearing these gold rings on her purple/pink painted fingernails/hands and she’s smoking a cigarette which I already love. Then she puts her hand out more and she’s wearing a denim shirt and I just can’t. So I had to take a picture. I blurred out her license plate just because I feel like maybe you’re supposed to, I have no idea but she is incredible and I love her for that.

I got this voodoo doll for my dad.

Aunt Katie is staying with us for the weekend.



I love this dog so much.

I Don’t Mean To Be Cheesy

But. Firstly, I’m sitting in my newly painted chair and it’s amazing– I don’t know why all of a sudden painting did this, but I never sat in it before. And now I’m just in love with it and I’m actually getting “work” done in it. Secondly, I’ll make this quick. But.

I never knew


That’s him probably about trying to roll in some remnant of dead worm.

When I got a dog, I KNEW that I wanted a dog. This is how amazing life is, how life works. How you can KNOW you want something, but kind of have no idea how on earth or why you even know it that you do, but it’s just something you so viscerally know. Because I KNEW I wanted a dog. I CRIED about how much I wanted a dog. I wanted a dog more than anything in the world. And I ignored every illusion along the way that said anything otherwise until I got one. And also, I got THE best dog for me in the world, to where, I know without fail he was made for me.

He is my other half. He’s the best dog in the whole entire world. But I had never had my own dog before and for some reason, I had this preconceived idea kind of like, when they’re a puppy you’re really in love with them, but eventually you cool off. I have been the exact opposite. When he was a puppy, I loved him a lot. I knew he was perfect. But I didn’t feel that fully in-love feeling. It took me a little while to have the real feels.

But now that he’s about to be four next week, I can tell you along these years it has been my joy and my amazement that my love for him only grows with every day. I love him and I understand him and I am SO connected with him. I understand things that maybe other people would be confused with or annoyed by, I know what he is saying and I know what he is doing, and I understand it, and it’s valid.

Today, the neighbor kids (his kids) were playing in the yard (his yard) and he was barking because he had his collar on and it wouldn’t (electronically) allow him to go that far out into the back yard to be with them and play. I came out and fixed it for him, but I love that I know what he is saying and that he’s not just barking to be a jerk. He has genuine preferences and desires and… it’s so sweet when one of them is to be able to be with his favorite kids.

I think the amazing thing is that, kind of related to that, there have been days when I have been tired and days when I wanted to go lie down, but for example, there were kids or another dog outside and he wanted to play. And it was a scenario, for, whatever reason, I couldn’t just like normal, leave him outside by himself and go to sleep.

Times like that where, I genuinely wanted to put his needs before mine, NOT because I was being a “parent”, but because he is SO GOOD and he puts up so patiently with SO much of my shit, and he just is the most loyal and the sweetest and the most loving dog, and to have the feeling that, I’m tired, but I really want him to be able to be outside and play or I really want him to have me out here with him for whatever reason– to have the feeling that– it’s not that you are ignoring your needs or desires, it’s that you have other desires that come first.

Maybe by just a little more, you love something else, and that makes it worth it. I feel BLESSED to have something else in my life that sometimes comes more than sleep. Because I really love sleep! So that other thing must be really good. And it really, really is. When I wanted a dog, I knew it. But I had no idea the depth and the pleasure and the happiness and the peace and the joy I was getting by having this guy around. The LAUGHTER. I did not understand what a blessing I was walking into. On some level, I knew. But mostly, I just knew that I wanted a dog.

I’m sure I would have been happy with any number of dogs but I got the best one for me. He’s the standard for everything in my life. I feel lucky every single day that I get to spend my day with him, my life with him. He has opened me up to life on a higher level and he has given me a clarity as to the meaning of life and the purpose of my own desires and he’s given me a FOCUS on things that I love and on the IMPORTANCE of focusing upon the things that I love. He’s taught me how to put myself first BY putting something I love first, because when you prioritize your life like that, you can only win.

This dog has given me WAY more than I will ever, in the 77 human years he is going to live on this earth, possibly ever give to him. And that is something I appreciate every day I live on this earth.

Actually It Was Fettuccine

All these blankets were knitted for him.

And I just did some digging into and I found that Ricky Martin is ACTUALLY my biological fairy godmother.

So I will be celebrating that today.

One small, usual, regular, normal step for me, one large, vast, amazing step for mankind.


If everyone else born in 2013 is shit, that’s because all the goodness was used up on him. (I’m not saying they are, I’m just imagining it’s a very real possibility.)


I can barely type this shit cause of the paint. OKAY LEAVING NOW.


He is always being given gifts!!!!!!!!!

By people delivering them to him!!!!!!!!

I’ve taught him the only trick that matters.

Thank you Granpa ❤ ❤ ❤

The Blue Chair

For someone who doesn’t want his picture taken, he seems to find his way into every pic.


Fly Like Seal


More dresses

Six AM


9 AM




Me Following Blue Around


The tricky thing about dogs is you can’t really tell if they are respecting your video viewing choices, or not.

And telling him to respect me for my Matt and Kim video watching choices.

and also a picture of me watching Matt and Kim’s dog story/laundromat video.

Funeral Was Rad

Love my family so much.

By the way, he’s been three for three: Carly Jep, Mayer, JM– three great songs in a week. Perez has more music cred. in my book now.

Anyway had a really fun time with my mom going to this lady’s funeral who I don’t know but her obituary was gorgeously written– it made me cry, which is a first for that. And the church was SO breathtakingly beautiful. Plus I got to spend some fun time with my mom and also I got to wear a sickest outfit– I LOVE these fucking boots and I’m breaking them in, so that was a good excuse to wear them. I love any excuse for wearing all black. Actually I got to wear my favorite Burberry wool coat, too, because it was that cold this morning.

It looks so sharp that I can be wearing shit underneath and still look put together, which is what it’s meant for, in my opinion.

The point is having ONE nice thing that makes up for everything else.

I love this outfit so much I don’t even want to change out of it but I’m going to paint so I will. But I wanted to show Jenny before I do. (She’s used to seeing me like a pile of… a towel or pajamas so. I’ve got to take advantage while it’s there.)

Once in awhile I have an urge to get a fully black closet… But I also love goofy color too much. So.

Here’s pics of the day.

I’m a little blinds right now from staring into the sun. I think also from being up so GD early cause my mind feels like only halfway there right now.

I want to get back to the lady who died and her obituary and the actual wake because it was a really wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, inspirational day, but first I’ll show you these then I’ll do another post when I can go sit in the sun.

And paint also. Yeah.

These were flowers at my parents’ house and the SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNREAL. I LOVE.

These were actually before the other ones but I don’t know how to change them around. I love my mom so much she’s so funny. We always have fun. I went overboard with these boots I am so excited to have them. I’m just now wearing them. They fit me like a glove now and it’s so satisfying because at first I thought they were too small but now that I’ve broken them in a little bit, I’m in love and they are THE perfect size. Best investment. The pants are Banana Republic, all of their pants fit me really well, and the sweater is one that I wear ALL the time; I don’t know the brand it’s on the label but my brain is fried from getting up so early but it’s cashmere, super nice, and it was like $7 at consignment store down the street from me. Best investment ever. I love this thing. I wear it ALL the time.

I was going to wear a dress but it was like 50 degrees. I wore a wool coat, too, and that was perfect because I’m always cold unless it’s sunshine in the 70’s or 90’s (93 is just right).

Someone shook my hand and was like, “Is it freezing outside?” I was like, “No that’s just my hand, all of the time.”

In love with these boots. I’m NOT a shoe girl (I said that, then I start taking pictures of shoes) but if you’re going to wear something, wear something you love 🙂 🙂 🙂

I just love basic things.


Before he ate that piece of dry spaghetti. (If you look very closely, you can see it on the brown mat.)



“In Love With Life”

I have mad love for you crazy people!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying your day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I was helping my neighbor Jenny with some of her gardening/dirt and it was really fun. Blue was helping, too, as you can see. 🙂 He’s very earnest.


Clouds look like sandy beaches in the sky.



No matter how similar, they are always new.



Office Space (sand is from kids; I’m usually neat…)



Strangely enough, these cloud pics are my favorite. I could look at just these forever.


I actually used this shovel. It felt like the kind in movies where people get hit with one, and they’re down. (For good). It was that heavy. I love solid metal things and DIRT!!!!!


The most beautiful dirt in the world. I bathed in it. (Kind of literally.)


Most helpful in the world. (Ya. Okay.)


Sky. Never gets old.


His version of gardening.




Blue had us all home and outside with him today; he loves it when Jenny is home, too, especially, and out in the yard. And I went upstairs and laid down (on one of his beds) for a little while, and when I came back down, I saw SOMEONE had stopped over and given him a raw marrow bone (the second love of his life, beside me– I meant the bone, not the person, but he loves this person, too– it’s my dad).

Blue is THE most blessed dog in the whole entire world. I love him SO much. SO INCREDIBLY MUCH. I would mainline him if I could.

Here’s a picture from earlier today when one of his neighborhood friends had escaped into our yard, and he barked to get him in trouble then came inside and cuddled with me until Oliver’s dad came over (on his TRACTOR) and retrieved him.

I was laughing at the whole thing because Blue was being a tattle-tale, and also, I lucked out because somehow he decided it was necessary for him to come inside and sit on my lap and watch the drama go down from in there.

I am not kidding even a little bit when I say that watching Oliver’s dad bring him back home ON HIS LAP whilst riding the tractor was one of my all-time favorite things I have ever seen. I WISH I had gotten a pic but by the time they rode past the window, it was already too late.

But honestly, a once-in-a-lifetime viewing, for sure.

(Well, one can always hope.)


Blue being haughty about the fact that he “listens”.


Safe inside from the hubbub. (NOTHING was actually going on.)


I am in the blue. I can never argue when he wants to cuddle. Even if he IS being dramatic.

Blue Is Getting On The Bandwagon, Too

I was eating this carrot and he came over and sniffed it out of my hand, so I gave it to him and he carried it into this room. I didn’t think he’d actually eat it– let alone the WHOLE ENTIRE THING! I feed him carrots every morning with his breakfast, but it’s usually smothered in coconut oil. This really surprised me about him. Usually he only eats carrots pureed (unless they are baby ones). LOLOLOL

This dog is my love; he’s the most wonderful gift, the most wonderful thing in the world. If you ever wonder if there is a god, just look at your animal, look at your pet. They are an expression of the truth of what we all are! Amazing. So much love. This guy has totally changed my life just by being himself and being in it.

Not a day goes by that I don’t feel appreciation for the fact that I get to share my life with him. It’s an HONOR to do. I really feel like, how’d I get so lucky? He’s just the best, I feel like living with animals is so humbling when you realize this is a gift that we are given to be able to live alongside and share our lives with them, it’s something that to me goes so deep, it’s a daily blessing and gift and something that I’m always aware of my part in and I feel like I am absolutely the winning one out of this.

They come here to share their energy and love with us, and all we do is feed them and offer them some room within our home. They are the most incredibly amazing gifts in the world. So incredibly blessed.

Enjoy your pets today, give them all a hug, whether they are turtles, spiders, birds, snakes, cats, puppies, guinea pigs, hamsters, horse, rats, ferrets or fish. Just enjoy them all because they are so good and we are so blessed to be living among them!!!!

Even when they steal our “plant-based” food.


There goes my trying to eat healthy. Clearly, it is not meant to be.

If your dog steals your carrot, just consider it a sign to go and eat cake.


😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


More Beauty And Incredible Things



Blue visiting at the neighbor’s in his chair.

I love you guys. Thank you ❤ So much love. Life is really amazing and I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. So incredibly blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Love love love.