This Lady Inspires!!!!

I was just saying yesterday to a friend, how I have been inspired by these “regular” people who don’t really have anything above and beyond in their lives, and some of them even have things that on paper, you’d say, “I don’t want that”– AND YET– AND YET– THEY ARE HAPPY! They are joyful! They have discovered a sort of secret to life that I am discovering, too, which is being happy “unconditionally”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s about loving and appreciating yourself and those around you, and loosening up on yourself about having things JUST SO, and then, ironically, when you relax and start enjoying the things around you, the things around you start to shift. It has to start with you first!!!!! And isn’t that amazing! We hold the power to change because all things in our life begin within ourselves!

This lady is quite an example of that. Something I have found is that there are truly happy people on there, living their lives and really enjoying what is before them. These people are not rich or famous, but they are happy and they are uplifting other people, and more importantly, themselves!!!! And isn’t that the key!!! They love themselves and those around them, and that has become to me, the most inspiring thing!! I have seen people appreciating things lately that in the past I would have said, “You’re crazy… are we looking at the same thing?” And then I started to realize… the prize is in the loving! The prize is in the feeling good! The prize is in the beholding and the appreciating and the love! That’s where the feeling-good is! The prize isn’t about trying to control what comes to you; it’s about controlling your emotions in a way that they perpetually feel good to you!! It’s about directing your mind toward what you want and believing it is coming and taking inspired action along the way.

It isn’t just this lady’s weight loss I find amazing, although I know that represents a shift in positive energy for her too, it’s also her relationship with her partner, the way she appreciates nature and Disney, the way she shifted her mind on vacation going into a swimsuit for the first time, and all other sorts of things that EVERYONE can relate to. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love seeing happy people!!!

Sending you love on this beautiful day 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


friend just sent me this (thank youuuu!!! you know that’s the gift that keeps on giving– ABRAHAM LINKS!! lololol) I’m being dead-ass!

this shit is SO SPOT ON.




“Most everybody you know is evaluating their value to them, your gift to them, from YOUR suffering. If you’re not sacrificing, it’s not a valid gift.”

“That gift is meaningless. It’s not like it’s the last dollar she had. Now THAT would have been meaningful.”


FUCK. It’s ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was walking with Blue today, I had this come to my head, how one time semi-recently, when Beyonce posted her picture of her babies, Perez was talking with someone in his podcast and he said something to the effect of, “Some people think Beyonce thinks she is Jesus.”

And the thought that immediately came into my mind was,

“I don’t think I am Jesus; I know that I am.”

(Around that time, I was also having dreams I was Beyonce. But they’re ultimately one in the same.)

And I literally like, laughed out loud at the thought, but it’s true. I know I am god, and so is everyone else. It isn’t a matter of how much or how little you are– everyone is equally the same. It’s only ever a matter of HOW MUCH YOU ARE AWARE YOU ARE GOD, AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. I KNOW I’M GOD. AND I’M OKAY WITH IT.


Motherfucking greatness embodied.

That’s it now.

Moving on.

Brady + Physics + Pure Positive Energy

Love him. This is a really great interview.

I don’t follow football, but some things are applicable all over the board. I always love listening to positive people speak. It’s not a matter of the vocation, it’s about how tuned in they are.

He says:

“I’ve had a lot of experiences and I know what’s important and I know what’s not important and tend to use a very positive outlook in order to shape my own emotions and feelings. I use a lot of things for motivation.”

It’s always the same concept and energy and application.

It’s literally mathematical in its precision.

If you ever wonder how or why someone has gotten to be where they are, just listen to an interview with them. And conversely, you can start changing the way you think and speak, to effect the change you wish to desire. ❤

“Because we’ve had success, a lot of teams don’t like that … It’s a good problem to have.
If they don’t like you, you’re probably doing something right!”
“People who are gonna grouch and groan are gonna grump either way; may as well be because YOU have what YOU want.
– You can quote ME on that one. 🙂

You know that saying about you become who you hang out with? The beauty of the internet is that you have access to basically ANYBODY at your fingers. You get to choose whose speaking and ideas saturate your brain. You get to choose what to think and who to listen to and who to agree with and who feels right to you. It doesn’t have to be dependent on your “reality”. You have access to everything in the world!!!! You get to decide. YOU get to choose. You don’t have to listen to the people around you.

You get to decide who influences you.

Choose the direction of your life based on how it feels when you think it.

That’s how you know what is true in your heart.

ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING you can imagine, is right within reach.

If you can think it, it’s yours.



You’re not here to fuck around with shit that doesn’t vitalize and interest you or with other people’s limited ideas of what is possible or real or necessary or right.

This isn’t purgatory.



I’m now going to go sip some tea in the garden surrounded by butterflies and the sound of Leonardo DaVinci playing the harp whilst I make a genteel watercolor with a paintbrush made from unicorn tail hairs, seated upon a mushroom, while I catch up with my neighborly human-size Caterpillar.

Podcast 9- Deserving!!!! :)


Here is the link to the original post here 🙂

You deserve it.

If you want it, it’s yours.

Believe that it’s yours. Know you deserve it, by virtue of your existence and being here.

Whatever you want, you AUTOMATICALLY deserve, because it is GIVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are worthy.

You are deserving beyond belief.


Want it, believe it, deserve it, it’s you.

Love you guys!!! 🙂

Happy SLEEP!

do you know how hard it is to keep your eyes open for a flash!!! well, now you do

My Beautiful Baby, Who’s 4


He’s meditating on his birthday


the most perfect boy in the world. his birthday is the greatest day for me. one of the best days of my life. so happy this day four years ago occurred. best day ever. best day of my life. best dog in the world, best dog ever in the history of being, best dog ever in history of existence, best dog ever in the world, best, best, best, best, best, best, best. best dog at being four. best four year old ever. best four years of my life. best 73 years yet to go.

Song Of The Day, From My Sis


My sister started out my day today by telling me to listen to this song because it reminded her of me and this was a huge compliment coming from her (you know how I fan my sister) but really I had never heard this song and I loved it so maybe you will too. I think that it says everything true about everything 🙂 ❤

She sent this to me, or told me to listen to it, just as I was having this thing go through my head, about being free. Then I played this song, and, well, you know the rest 🙂 🙂 🙂

I love you guys!!!!! Give some people some hugs and some smiles and enjoy your night!!!!!!!!!!

I’m So Excited

For writing and going to sleep and showering tonight. I feel like… I’m watching this Perez video that is so funny and ironic it’s almost making me spit out my water.

For some reason I totally love watching him do his little video logs and I DO NOT KNOW WHY. I’m like, fascinated seeing what he’s going to say, I think because in so many ways, it’s like, I like him, I feel he’s like my friend, but I don’t understand him or have the same perspective as him on SO many things that it literally like fascinates me and blows my mind and keeps me on the edge of my seat as to what he’s going to say next.

It’s not that I agree or disagree with him, it’s almost like we’re just inhabiting two totally different spheres of reference or mind. It’s intriguing to me!

Even if he ultimately has the kind of same idea of something as me, he comes to it from a completely different direction– it’s just absolutely fascinating to watch. And him having this like, “I really care about this topic” discussion whilst spraying his hair with hairspray in the bathroom (after carrying his laptop in there so he could keep video-chatting whilst fixing his hair) is like the most greatest thing ever.

I love him. I totally don’t get him and I know we’d be friends but be like, “What the fuck, how does this person think?” But anyway, he’s funny; he makes me laugh and I find his views fascinating and he gives me just enough trickle-down interesting news on the daily that I find interesting without overdoing it with things I genuinely have no interest in (sometimes he goes there, too, but I choose to focus on what I like). ANYWAY.

Today FLEW by like a flash. I feel like… I made so much fucking progress today; today was an amazing day in so many ways I can not even ever explain but my mind went on a journey that was above and beyond. It was a really good day. Also, I genuinely HAVE NO IDEA what I did… literally. I feel like I spent it in kind of a haze, but I love days like that, too.

I feel like I was on drugs, but in a good way. But like, where did the time go? No clue.

I genuinely have no idea what I did today or how to account for like, any of it. I have vague recollection of things, but… So weird.

I’m excited for the funeral tomorrow (quality time with my mom) and to do Jenny’s chair outside and to do some other things that I don’t even really know of yet but that’s half the fun. I’m also excited to maybe eek out a bit of sketch-writing before bed in my sketchbook and also take a shower right now and brush my TEETH AGAAAAIN because I genuinely live for brushing my teeth, and when I do it, I take so long. I’m very thorough.

So today, no idea where you went or what happened with you, but it has been extraordinarily good in terms of like, moving forward toward things I deeply, wonderfully desire. And I hope that same feeling belongs to you!!!!

I love being surprised and I love not knowing where things are going to take me, while also KNOWING that things that are going to happen, and feeling (and knowing) they are going to be so good.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense; my head feels like it’s been in the clouds. In that regard, it’s been one of the weirdest days ever, but for me, that actually means a sense of productivity in a strange way.

Alright that’s it for me tonight!!!!!!

All the love and sweetest dreams. Think of YOUR FAVORITE scenario IN THE WORLD that could EVER happen TO YOU tonight as you are going to sleep 🙂 🙂 🙂



Helene Hadsell

Helene is amazing.

Hearing her story and hearing her speak, she’s just someone who…

She really gets it. And she’s extraordinary.

I think she’s one of the greatest masters of life I have ever witnessed, and I’ve seen quite a few, and I’ve focused upon finding them. And she really blows me away. Plus she’s so sweet, and also, based on her life, not only did she live the principles she teaches so gracefully, but she has a lasting marriage, a great family, she’s a really CENTERED PERSON. I love hearing her story and her message, because even though you could say it’s “materialistic”, to my way of thinking, it’s really not. It’s all about enhancing her life (and her family’s), but the things are more like fun projects, than anything else.

When you REALIZE you have this power, life gets really fun. I believe we are all here to have fun. And I KNOW we all have equal access to this power; and that it’s solely a matter of accessing it, and acknowledging that it exists, and that we do.

Feeling worthy, knowing that whenever we ask, it is given, and that there’s nothing that we need to do in order to achieve our dreams, other than focusing positively upon them, and knowing that in the moment that we ask, they are already given; they are already ours.

I think it’s the most empowering, uplifting message I have ever heard. And she isn’t the only one saying it. I love listening to anyone who does!!!

❤ I hope you enjoy, too.

There’s a lot of stuff about her on the internet. These are just some of my favorites.

Sometimes I feel like Helene is my fairy godmother. I love her so much.

It is my truest desire that you enjoy her, too!!!!

(And her cheetah print robe is to die for)

That’s what drew me in! That’s how I knew she was legit!!!!!! ❤ 😉 😉 ❤


Her knowledge and wisdom absolutely blows me away. Here is the biggest thing FOR ME and I am never (and certainly not now) ever trying to talk you or anyone else into anything; people must be free to follow their hearts. The thing I want to point out here, what made this so poignant to me, is that, listening to her speak, there’s really no way to put it into words, you know, the BEING of a person, but it’s the fact that everything she speaks of, and everything she says, sounds and feels SO “spiritual” to me!

And the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I believe, in all that I’ve read and heard from them (which is a shit ton and a lot– much more than Helene, which, the extent of what I know of her is MOSTLY from these videos I’m sharing with you here, and also, one other interview somewhere on the web, and a few scant writings), corroborate this. The thing that really blows me away is that so many people are coming to practice and know and understand things now, and just HOW FAR AHEAD OF HER TIME THAT SHE WAS.

And no doubt, there were many before her, too.

The thing I love so much is the emphasis on upliftment and positivity and your mood. It really is about coming into alignment with yourself, and that has wonderful benefits, beyond just “getting what you wanted”; that will help every relationship you have in your life, too! I can’t say enough things about her, but you’ll just have to witness for yourself. She is to me, in every way, amazing, that she took this one small kernel of truth and so purely tried it, and then so PURELY continued to use it, it just BLOWS MY FREAKING MIND.

AMAZING. Amazing for her spirit and her kind of “higher level thinking”, not just for “winning stuff”, although that is cool, too. Also the fact that she always shows and expresses that it can be true for ANYONE. She’s not ever saying that she’s special or that she possesses a power that anyone of us lacks. I love THAT about her, too. Her transparency is gold.

I love this stuff because I believe that’s why we are here; to explore, to love each other, to have fun, to express and experience joy, and NOT to suffer or be deprived. Things are just like anything else; when you allow yourself to have them, they actually LOSE their mystery, and they fit casually and seamlessly into your life. There is no reason for you to NOT live a life of great abundance, if that is what you want!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

If we come from the universe doesn’t it make sense we have access to ALL OF THE RESOURCES WE CAN IMAGINE?!?!

The more I think of that, the more it seems to me, to be true. 🙂 ❤




By the way after viewing this I’m overly confident that I’d be fairly proficient in playing the triangle.

Everyone Following, Reading

and everyone not following, not reading, too!

Thank you just for being you!!!!!!!! It’s just what makes the world go ’round.

There is so much to wonder at, to appreciate, to experience and to explore.

Life is continually expanding and moving forward into new horizons, all because of you and your energy and your uniqueness. It wouldn’t be the same WITHOUT YOU.

I appreciate you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! And I hope that tonight, you have THE most wonderful dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Enjoy your sleep, enjoy your evening, enjoy your bed!!!!!!

❤ ❤ ❤


This is just me winding down before bed.

Love love love love love love love



An Ode To Seltzer And Summer

Sometimes I drink beer because I am out of seltzer. Beer lasts a lot longer in my house than seltzer does. Beer can last for months and months and months and seltzer’s shelf life here is only a few days.

Actually last week my neighbor came over and I was outside on the porch and I told her I was drinking a beer because I was all out of seltzer… and she came back over with a freshly never-opened bottle of Polar Seltzer and told me to pour myself a glass, which I thought was just unbelievably sweet.

Except for the fact like, I thought about it later that, “What if I was actually just using that as an excuse to drink beer, and then she ruined my only excuse!?”

You have to be careful, don’t go offering seltzer water to strangers. You never know how much it may fuck up their actual plans!

Luckily, she knows me. So like, this story ended properly. This story ended well.

Anyway. Alternate endings aside.

In MY universe, it was a happy ending.

Alright I am getting ready for a shower and then an early bed. This weekend’s weather looks so incredibly insanely nice and I am so stoked because you know I am a nature nerd. So whenever the weather is outdoor weather I am just so in my element and so ahhhhhhh.

I love it when I feel ready for sleep and for bed around 9 or 10 o clock. That for me is so prime because I love actually early to bed and early to rise. I love being awake naturally at really early hours. Especially in summer, oh man, as long as it’s warm enough to be outside, wow. I LOVE early morning hours soooo much. Like 3 am, 4 am, 5 am, 6. Oh don’t even get me started. When it’s already like bathwater outside, it just makes me want to die. Literally. It feels like I already did. I can’t even explain.

Where I live, summertime is like heaven on earth. I say I love California, and I do, but summers here are like, unbelievable. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, when it’s so humid and warm that the smell practically LIVES WITHIN your nose.

It’s like the air has turned into essence of grass.

I love oh… just the warm summer mornings, even the hot summer mornings. I love the humidity and the heat. I love anything warm. I love the long days of sun and how it’s bright early in the day. I just love it so much. I love other places because they have warm all year round or at least warmer all year round, but if it was summer all year round here I’d never ever leave.

And I like the more temperate climates like, in winter. I love Miami weather in the winter. But in the summer, I don’t want it regulated at all by the ocean. I want it to be freaking hot as hell and humid and SHIT because I LIVE all year for it. You will NEVER EVER see me complain because I literally wait all year for this shit. It can get as hot as it wants and I will never complain.

I never even used to use the A/C although last summer, I did cave and put one in my room just so that I could actually sleep. I used to have this thing where I’d say, “Yeah well, it was 100 degrees and muggy last night so I feel hungover as shit but so does everyone else.” And my friend who I lived with at the time was like, “Uh, dude, they have A/C. They’re sleeping just fine.” And I was like holy fucking shit I thought we were all in this thing together, dude!!!!

So yeah, I mean. Not everyone is as hard core as me. There was one day last summer where my parents were out of town (they have central A/C) and I hadn’t installed mine yet (this was the day that led me to it). And they only live about two or three or four (I’m SO bad with mileage I have no fucking idea) miles away but I had all I could do; I was SO strung out I wasn’t even sure I could make it to their house (driving, mind you) because it was like, I was so dead from not sleeping because of the heat. I literally felt myself wilting like a flower.

(A flower that’s wilting, not a fresh, healthy one.)

But I made it there, I finally made it.

And then, once I was finally like, passed out on the couch, ready to sleep… THAT WAS WHEN MY DOG WANTED TO PLAY.


I love my dog. I love the heat. I love Jesus.

(Two out of three ain’t bad.)

Alright alright I’m going to sleep.

By the way, stay on the lookout tomorrow for my recipe for grilled cheese dipped in hot sauce. You wouldn’t believe how you to it. People think it’s such a “sophisticated dish” and it’s actually SO easy to make in the comfort of your VERY own home, even with what minimal preparation tools you probably have. It is NOT over your head, trust me. I have taught this recipe to millions of people and they are all SUCCESSFULLY making them, too.

I LOVE SELTZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleep tight and sweet dreams from me to you! ❤ ❤ ❤

Dream of WONDERFUL things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Think of happy things as you are falling asleep 🙂 It works!!!!!!!!!

And think of happy things the moment you wake!!!!!!

It also works!!!!!!!

All the love all the love all the love

TILL THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If You Are Living This Life

Your job is




THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best thing I ever saw at someone’s house framed, was this thing that said,

“Know what you like

Trust your instincts

And live”

That’s really all it comes down to.

And this.


In this photo he is begging for corn (his all-time favorite food), so this ^ is actually an illustration of somebody who is simultaneously doing all three.

This Is Really Cool: Gisele


The end of this, especially is what I really love.

She continues to inspire me and I always love her spirit. Whether or not you agree withe her, she is SO fully herself and I appreciate that so much. She knows who she is and she’s got a lot of shit figured out!

Brilliant. Adore.

Not even about being a model, or anything to do with how you look. The thing I love about Gisele is that if you listen to her in interviews, she says things that ANYONE in any area of life, can learn from. She has a wisdom and an understanding of the way that energy and the universe works, and her results from following that format are absolutely undeniable and that is why I think she’s amazing. She is so open in explaining herself and how she has achieved her success and I think that is amazingly brilliant for anyone who’s wanting to kind of emulate what she has achieved in their own personal areas of interest in their lives.

“If your husband doesn’t love you, who will, right?” HAHA

“I mean, what kind of representation is that?!”

How she was talking about her dog Vida is what made me post this one here.

“Now guys, dis is… smack something… football language.” HAHAHAHA

Her spirit and her accent and she just… brilliance.

So I hope you enjoy this like I have and continue to do 🙂 🙂 🙂



Keep Your Eye On The Sky If You Want To Fly

This post is going to be brief because I’m in the middle of formatting the blog and it’s some cleaning work, organization thing that I really want to do (just re-categorizing things and streamlining things a little bit). There’s kind of a philosophy I want to go down, and I want to expound upon it more in further posts; maybe focus the gist of the entire blog there for a while, who knows.

But the thing I wanted to say here is that I came up with a saying a few years ago and I think it’s a pretty good one and it’s the title of this post. And it’s cool, because when you come to realize that life exists in this MYRIAD of forms and this MYRIAD of ways, and that anything you think of, can become real, and that it’s always only ever totally up for you to choose, then you begin taking greater creative license over your experiences in life.

You get to imagine; you get to dream; you get to decide. So many people don’t know that, but the truth is that, you do. Curation is a good word. You get to curate.

Much like the way in which someone would curate an art exhibit, for example, or like, I’ve always been good at curating things to do with fashion and clothes; your life is only one great big curation. Things are only made into being because you think of them, or not. It really IS limitless.

I’m coming to see in this new way, which in some ways, is really hard to explain, that like, literally, life is this infinite, unlimited choice of things about which you can think, things upon which you can focus, and things which you can create to be real. The more you’re willing to take the lid off your thinking and your mind, the more magical your life can become and the more “amazing” things you can create.

So many of us don’t recognize the creative potential of our thought, because we are stuck in a cycle of thinking about “what is” (or “reality”) and thus, perpetuating a cycle of that. If you look around the world, the people we consider to be “greats” are ALWAYS the people who looked beyond what was, and focused upon that.

The only way life is any amount of fun, is when you come to realize, experientially, that you have creative control. Life cannot be fun when you don’t really know the rules and you don’t really understand the way things are working; you feel kind of duped.

In some ways, I understand MORE things than I can ever express (which is true for us all) and there are a lot of things I now know and understand which place me squarely outside the normal frame of reference for people living life on planet earth.

At the same time, none of that really matters, ultimately, anyway, because we are each living within the realm of our own world, as frame-worked by our mind.

We really have no way of stepping into anyone else’s shoes. Something I always used to think about when I was younger, was like, “How do I know that MY version of the color purple is the same one you are viewing? What if the version of purple I see, for you, is MY version of the color orange?” (Do you know what I am meaning?) Ultimately, that’s just a simple, silly exercise in philosophic futility. But the meaning behind it still holds weight.

THE ANSWER to this, doesn’t really matter. And biologically speaking, because there ARE certain quantifiable ways that the human body and emotions tend to respond to certain frequency wavelengths in the spectrum makes me think that there is SOME kind of cohesion to our generally-agreed upon mutual experience. It’s a good framework within which to work.

That said, we still have INFINITE possibilities of where to go from here, what we are wanting to do, and what is coming next. Life doesn’t have to be the way it’s always been for you. Life doesn’t have to keep continuing on the same path. If you like the way your life is going, then keep going down that way, and that is really good. If you don’t like it so much, you can always change. Your power is in your perspective. The materials of our world are subject to our perspective; they are subject to energy shifts, being energy as they are.

It’s very easy to imagine if you recognize that even water shapes rock, after a time. That’s kind of the way that our minds (thoughts) work upon matter. Our minds work upon our world much the same way water (or even wind), works upon the surface of the earth. Much the same way. Exactly the same way. Shape your thoughts to match what you want.  If ANYONE in this life is living something that you want, use it ONLY as proof of you being able to have that which you desire.

Everyone here is equally as powerful and equally as good; no one has more or less access to this power than anyone else. If someone has something you desire, be glad that they are showing it to you! They are helping you know yourself more fully and showing you something that you can now dream about, something you want now want. That is what is life.

Wanting IS really fun, as long as you are going with the flow, and your mind is totally open to whatever it is you want.

Alright I hope I didn’t go TOO far out there for you right there just now. I tried to keep it kind of light. 🙂 I’m going to go re-categorie my posts for ease of access and do a couple things and maybe I’ll come back and write a little more later.

I’m really enjoying this subject for today!

Thank you guys!!!!! A lot!!!!